9th April 2020


A few extra layers of security have been added to the site. Most of the general public will not know...
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4th February 2020


It doesn't seem too long ago that I was wishing everyone a happy new 2019, Well this is the new...
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1st January 2019

Welcome 2019

I'd like to wish all a happy new year as we all nuse the compulsory alchohol induced headache :)
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9th April 2018 / Android, Site News, Software

Made it to Amazon

Hey evryone, I've submitted my naughts and crosses app to Amazon and they've gone and published it!
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22nd February 2018 / Site News

More Speed

Seems like I'm waxing the server thats running this site now.
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22nd December 2017

Happy Holidays

And that's it for another year!
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1st October 2017 / Software, Windows Apps

Revolt 1.5.3

Revolt is released!
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13th September 2017 / New Sofware


Something is coming...
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28th January 2017 / Site News, Software

Website seems lighter?

So you might think how come this site works faster than it did coming from the same host? Well I'll tel you...
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5th December 2016 / Site News

Music is here

I've upped a few tunes I've made over the years all the way back to the 90s You can listen to some of the on the site or goto Soundcloud
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