A few extra layers of security have been added to the site. Most of the general public will not know but the site is host to so many access attacks from the usual cuplrets. It’s almost unconcevable why anyone would want a slice of my little part of the Internet. Well I’ll tell you; it’s […]


It doesn’t seem too long ago that I was wishing everyone a happy new 2019, Well this is the new look site and to keep in line with the general trend I’ve changed the theme and background picture. So that was 2019. Nothing new to release other than a few web games on the HTML5 […]

Welcome 2019

I’d like to wish all a happy new year as we all nuse the compulsory alchohol induced headache 🙂

Made it to Amazon

Hey evryone, I’ve submitted my naughts and crosses app to Amazon and they’ve gone and published it!

More Speed

Seems like I’m waxing the server thats running this site now.